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The Ultimate Social Media Growth Course

Social Media is without a doubt the best investment as it proves to be the most powerfully effective way to grow your brand in 2018.


The Ultimate Social Media Growth Course is an ultimate social media crash course designed to help you create and launch a profitable brand on social media. From Instagram to Pinterest, fast-track your way to social media success using the compelling strategies in this course.


This course is all about creating a brand that sells on social media. This course is designed to grow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I wouldn't say this course is for everyone but, this course is for you if:


X If are struggling to wrap your head around social media marketing

X  You don't know how to position and leverage your brand on social media to reach your goals



Already a social media whiz? This is not just for beginners

Join this course if:

X You want to scale your business and double your influence!

X You want the best-kept secrets in the industry

to help you massively grow your business.

X You don't have the thousands to spend on business coaches
X You finally want to get 1,000 followers or more on Instagram and Twitter!


This course will take you step-by-step through each platform to show you how to position yourself as an influential brand.



 What's involved?


X The Hypergrowth tool to use on Twitter to gain hundreds of followers regualarly
X How to find perfect content that is guaranteed to go viral within your niche.
X How to master your time and still be gaining followers in your sleep.
X How to market your product on social media to gain your first customers.

 This course is only exclusive to those who read and benefited from my Free Instagram E-Book and now want to take your business to the next step. 

"From zero followers to Hero sales"

Why should you join the Instant Social Media Course instead of other courses?

We know there are loads of Instagram and Pinterest courses out there, promising to grow your followers and make you an Instagram superstar but with Instant social media, you don't just explore one path for social media. We help you create a strategy that works for your business model by teaching you how to optimize your brand on social media platforms to increase your sales.


Your ideal client isn't just going to be in one area and you need the skills to find them online and know how to attract them to your site.

With a core module on getting leads on Instagram, this course also focuses on mastering Twitter growth, Facebook and Pinterest planning to ensure you are equipped with the right strategy to skyrocket your brand on social media.




The way the Instant Social Media course is structured is so that we give you all of the information you need in one space and so you can choose to access the right modules at the right time. Skip to your favourite part or start like you know nothing, and we will walk you step-by-step through all of the social media platforms for effective marketing and brand exposure.


Be the best of the Best

Instant Social For Your Biz

Walk away from this course with confidence as we cover how to start creating the content that sets you apart from the rest and the steps to gaining organic followers without spending money on ads and getting the engagement that grows your business.
We show you all of the ways in which you can get viral worthy traffic on social media without producing content on the go, every day 
or by already having a large following.

Whether you want to 
revamp your social media profile or start from scratch, there is guaranteed social media growth with this package if you follow our methods. This course is not just for bloggers and entrepreneurs but also social media managers and business owners who know that there is a massive opportunity to grow their business using social media marketing and gaining some extra expert tips.

Get all of the top secrets methods I use in this course for a steal as I have packed up all my knowledge in this course I usually use for my services where 
I retail my personal services for TRIPLE the course price.
But, as it is early doors  and I want as many people as possible to benefit from my course, you can get access to the course for just $497





I know what you are thinking, 'yes followers are great, but how will I grow my business? In this course, we show you the exact strategy that we used to boost an E-commerce store's sales by 75% using our content strategy on Instagram.

You will not only be saving money but gaining lifetime skills to grow your business.

Saying Yes? Well if you join today you will get these

 ** Three FREE BONUSES!:

BONUS 1: Ultimate Traffic to Leads Blueprint!


Uncover all of the ways you can get more leads for your business for free without spending extra money or having a large ad budget. 
It shows you how to tap into your network to drive a buying craze for your product even if you are just starting out.

Retailed at: $997


BONUS 2: Hashtag 101 Blast Session


Ughh Hashtags! How many do I need? How many should be niche specific? What is shadow banning?! All frustrating questions but all of which are covered in my course, along with finding out the most compelling hashtags for your biz 

Value: $500

These bonuses are usually sold to my clients but will now be completely free for you if you choose to get on the list and gain access to my exclusive course!

I am giving this to you, as I not only want to help you push your business to the best it could be, but to also have an amazing community of business owners who are thriving with social media and growing their boss biz!

If you are still thinking, 'social media is just for socialising, or I have tried everything, but it doesn't work.'
 This course is aimed at completely eliminating that limiting belief and showing you the strategies that do! There is the success out there on social media and a way to position your brand to start seeing the results your brand deserves.

Whether you are starting out from scratch or looking to pick up some serious hacks, this course is for you.

Which is why I am offering another free bonus!

Another one? Yes, join this course today and get the chance to speak with me with one-to-one strategy calls.

In these calls, I will offer one to one coaching to

 really look at the problem areas within your social media strategy in order to give you real actionable steps to succeed.


Sometimes you need an extra pair of eyes and a social media expert to look at your strategy.  I want to offer you this session, completely free as I want you to see real results and see that social media marketing works and that it can help you grow your business and double your revenue using my methods!

Register today and claim your free one-to-one strategy session. A session usually retailed at double the price of the course, but if you sign up today you can get this completely free.

Total Bonuses Value: $3,000

** Exclusive VIP Presale Price: $97

Save: A lifetime of frustration and over $2,903
Join my course and start unlocking your potential today!

What others are saying?

Dora Nikolaou -Founder of Dora

I managed to double my  followers within a month and have clients sending me messages over direct messages

Paul Morrissey, Influencer

I reached over 1,000  followers in under a month using Tatiana's strategies for my personal brand.


Thanks to Tatiana, our main store revenue stream comes from using the organic methodology in this course. Without it our store would have shut!

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