5 Social Media Hacks For Businesses

We love social media here at Altsocialdigital and it was the love of social media and marketing that led us to start helping other businesses love it too. But even we must admit, sometimes it can get a little busy as social media marketing can feel like your juggling way too many balls and trying to keep them afloat to a fleeting audience.

No need for you to feel like a clown anymore as we have nailed the hacks that work in order to successfully manage your social media accounts. Below are the five hacks we live by and use routinely.


Where would we be without scheduling? So many factors come into posting your content on social media! Things like posting time, hashtags and aesthetics are all important to having a great social media presence.

How do you you cope? Thanks to scheduling apps it just got easier.

No longer do you need to worry about taking up early to hit the breakfast Instagram rush as many apps are here to rescue you. Taking just half an hour out of your day you can plan amazing content for weeks. Apps such as Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest at your best times to maximise engagement.

Use Micro Influencer's

Influences are huge right now, and so and sadly, so is the budget for getting one with 10k or more Instagram followers. The good news however is, that having loads of followers is no longer vital. In fact, many brands are now finding more success with micro influencer's with around 1 to 5k followers as the engagement can be higher with a more focused account with a good community of loyal followers.

Social Media 4-1-1

Another way of engaging influencer's is by using a technique called social media 4-1-1. This is a term created by Andrew Davis, the author of “Brandscaping,” In it he outlines,

For every six pieces of content shared via social media (think Twitter for example):
  • Four should be pieces of content from your influencer target that are also relevant to your audience. This means that 67 percent of the time you are sharing content that is not yours, and calling attention to content from your influencer group.

  • One piece should be original, educational content that you have created.

  • One piece should be sales-related — like a coupon, product notice, press release, or some other piece of content that no one will likely pay attention to.

Consumer Generated Content

These work perfectly for E-commerce brands who are looking to provide social proof for their products and build a community around their brand. Sharing content of customers wearing their products and showing off to their followers can boost brand awareness. This also combined with sharing their posts with your products on your brand social media accounts attracts tonnes of customers, nourishes your brand and is also a fast way to grow your account and gain some trusted customers.


If you are not able to produce consumer generated content, than reviews are perfect for gaining customer trust and building an authoritative brand that draws loyal consumers. For example re-posting a yell review onto your twitter or sharing your or Facebook services review will attract more customers ready to purchase your product as it has already been approved by your audience.

Ready to try these on your own? If you are ready to scale your business, book in for a free consultation call today and start seeing amazing results.