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Drive engagement with Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are one of the best features Instagram added to their already powerful app. The addition of Instagram stories not only knocked their competitors ‘snapchat’ out of the way, but it also gave us a new way to connect with our audience.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are quick snapshots taken on the app that last for around 24hours. The snapshots can be video, boomerangs, series of pictures and not more recently a live video.

Instagram stories are amazing for driving brand awareness as they appear right in front of your audience’s screens. As soon as you post, a little circle with your profile picture will appear on your audience’s feed as soon as it is uploaded.

They have now become essential for creating a marketing strategy on Instagram and now act as a key sales driving component to many big brands social media.

Who can benefit from Instagram stories?

As the stories are all taken from a mobile device, it is imperative to have a good idea of what your audience wants first before deciding how often you want to post.

This feature works best for product-based businesses or those with a strong personal brand. Developing one is essential if you want to keep your audience’s attention.

The rules are generally; post too little and your audience might forget you, or alternatively post too much as you might annoy your audience and get muted!

-Not the result you want!

What should I post on my Instagram stories?

This is where you can get creative, the inspiration for Instagram stories can almost come from anywhere, a commute to work, day in the office, new product launch! There are many amazing ways to utilise the tools on the app to make the mundane interesting in order to capture your audience.

Below are the best ways to use Instagram stories.

Run Polls

This is perhaps the biggest driver for engagement and top of my list for driving product sales and testing your product.

For example; if undecided about a product let’s say two colors of the same bikini, upload both pictures using a collage or, directly ask your ‘yes or no’ for in a poll either publicly or directly through direct messaging

It’s like running a free survey on the app, not only will it not annoy your customer’s emails, but it will also serve as a way for your customers to feel more engaged with your brand and feel valued.

Plus you can check out the details using the analytics and find out exactly what product appeals to different groups of people!

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Emoji sliders!

Slightly confusing at first, but once you get used to them, they can be very valuable not only for engagement but also at giving you valuable customer insight.

You can opt to use these to test a product or a concept to your audience, or you can use them in a fun and creative way to entertain! Both are amazing for creating brand awareness.

An amazing way to do this is also by sending them as direct messages straight from the app, this cool method adds a personal touch that can be mass delivered. A time saving, and great engagement hack!

Create a promotion

Using the Instagram stories to tell a story for your brand which leads to promo is an amazing way to use storytelling on the app.

If you have an amazing product, a great way to market it is to showcase one of your products in action on your story. You can use this as a series of pictures, videos or gifs. The goal is to include a promotional code at the end of your stories once you have enticed your audience into buying your product.

The best part about all of this is that you don’t need a fancy camera or a set up as you can record and create all of this from your mobile phone.


The story feature has been amazing for social media marketing, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. Instagram now has amazing new benefits for influencers and brands with a great new partnership feature. This works amazing too if you are wanting to tap into another audience.

Hosting a day in the life, or an Instagram takeover is a great way to partner with another brand who’s audience you would like to engage with and lead back to your site.

Branded posts

Branding should not just be left for your profile. You can still have consistency within the stories feature. You can do this by aligning your brand colors, brand text style, and even a logo.

Another great little trick is by using graphic design apps such as canvas to create an Instagram story template. Here you can choose templates with offers, quotes, and even seasonal themes, so there is no excuse!

I hope you have found this post useful and will be implementing Instagram stories as part of your marketing strategy as a new way to engage with your consumers.

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