Five quick tips to get more visible online!

Visibility and Strategy wins!

Why focus on visibility? It is my passion as a business woman, marketing strategist and entrepreneur to vouch for a system that gets qualified traction! I believe that the traffic and attention gained by being visible online is the number one driver behind landing sales and smashing business goals!

One thing I learnt and perhaps the toughest lesson ever, is that visibility and social media marketing is not about being the loudest voice in the room (despite how hard I tried), but it actually is about being the most powerful, magnetic and influential voice above the other noise. This is attained by speaking to your audience strategically to ensure every touch point they come across with your brand is one that creates the strongest relationship.

Think of visibility it as relationship marketing, forming bonds between you and your best customer!

So with that being said, how do you become MORE visible? Follow these five tips in this post and you will be well on your way to creating an amazing brand and creating powerful client and customer relationships.

Visibility tip number one: Create a High Value blog!

The best way to assert your authority is to educate and entertain your audience. You can do this by using industry knowledge. Give value and provide an enticing content hub by providing an informative blog. A blog is great way to show off your knowledge about a certain topic where you can also share an amazing story about your brand.

This is also a great chance to show off another side of business your customers never even knew about and you are dying to share! Think of it as your online hub of content, as a way to quickly generate trust whilst teaching your audience something entertaining and valuable. Get as creative as you can! Use videos, clips, gifs and even link to your best podcast episodes!

Visibility tip number 2: SEO!

We all love search engine optimisation right? Well it’s not that hard to start implementing into your blog. A really easy way to get more visible using SEO is by first conducting a very thorough key word research. Discover your key best phrases that you want to be discovered for and play around with them on your blog.

Ensure you keep it exciting by changing the words up to make sure it’s not too repetitive but also making sure that it gets it hits those numbers on google!

Stuck for keywords? Have a look at tools like google key word planner and sites like SUMO to perfect your keywords and your content to get the most traffic and visibility.

Visibility tip number 3: Curate and share content!

Kind of obvious right? To be visible you must be consistently putting out new content for your audience to see. With thousands of new content being put up everyday, that post you uploaded on Instagram two weeks ago, is all ready old and forgotten. You need to make sure that you up your game by having a full proof content strategy! Do not find yourself trying to balance too many platforms as that could lead to a loss of consistency and quality. Pick your best performing sites and rock them with attention grabbing content!

Visibility tip number 4: Network!

Did you get the memo? Networking has turned digital! Whilst it is still really affective to do it offline and in person, if you are online brand you need to get out there.

There are so many groups and forums and platforms that allow you to constantly meet new people and present your services!

A great way to do this is by using LinkedIn, featuring in Facebook groups and being an open conversation starter. A good tip is to not be too salesly as this is where you get to wait for your prospects to ask you what you do and how you can help them! It’s all about creating relationships.

Visibility tip number 5. Stand out! Do not play the ‘Follower’ strategy!

This is so so important and a mistake that I see way too often. You must be authentic! When other entrepreneurs copy exactly what the other person is doing and expect to get the same results, this is a recipe for a distaster. This strategy might work for a while, but if you really want to create a powerful influence you must differentiate yourself from the others.

A core part of making an impact in any part of business growth is to have and to own your USP, your unique selling point. What makes you special? What makes your brand different from the other business owners having the exact same product or service? Own your brand and make sure it is unique to truly become a powerful and successful business owner.

These are five quick tips to look back at when you are wondering why you aren’t getting more visibility and where you need to up your game. The core meaning behind all of this is to always be authentic, always provide value and to always create meaningful relationships.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Share with a friend if you loved it. If you want to chat more about getting your brand more visible in order to create a powerful influence then join me for a call over coffee. I’d love to meet with you!