Get Consistent Clients Doing This

You are probably doing your prospecting, doing some lead generation, or maybe you have no idea where to start. Well-finding clients get a whole lot easier when we start asking ourselves, 'what are we doing to attract our client dream client?'

As a coach/consultant or service-based business owner, there are so many hoops you have to jump through in order to land your dream client...

Managing your brand identity, customer profile, creating a workflow, setting up your website, just to start.

Then past this, your next task is to ensure you have consistent clients. The most important thing to note is that at every touchpoint with your customer, as a successful service-based business owner you should ensure that there is a distinguished difference between your brand and what is tangible and deliverable.results in inconsistent clients.

By this, I mean that your brand goes way beyond a logo or some well thought out images. That site you booted up or even the brand kit you bought is not going to make a huge difference between being a successful coach and a struggling coach. When thinking about brands earning multiple figures, one of the most important tips I learnt is that your brand like most assets has equity.

Brand equity is explained as an accumulation of every interaction consumers have with a business. When managed well, positive brand equity can quickly lead to a booming and fast-growing business just from reference alone. Your task, as a business owner is to ensure that your brand equity is not only positive and can generate good WOM referrals but ultimately results inconsistent clients.

Below I have listed the top five things you should be doing every day to be consistently attracting your dream client taking the principles of brand equity.

1. Be Visible.

This should be no surprise to you, but if you have worked with other coaches you know exactly how important being visible is in your business. I know for a fact, my coaching network utters the words visibility like a mantra and the results they garner are pure evidence of it being fundamentally true and important to business growth.

Without visibility, you have no traffic without traffic, you have no exposure.

With no exposure, no one knows about your business.

You cannot expect clients in your business if you are not visible and your clients can not locate your business online.

The basic math for visibility and exposure is that the more you show up for your clients either on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you have discovered they hang out after conducting your client research, that is where your brand should be the most.

Literally, dig a hole and plant yourself there, because most likely this will be your money tree. Also importantly, don't just show up for the sake of showing up, make sure you are delivering value.

Make sure you are giving your clients a reason to engage with you and become a part of your tribe. The constant promotion will only make your clients runaway without proper nurturing and establishing your self as a valuable authority figure who can really help them solve their issues.

2. Sales Page

Once you have your clients established, you want to make sure that the traffic you will be accumulating will lead them to a sales page that converts. You don't want to be putting in all that effort and seeing nothing in return, but sometimes it happens. This is not just to do with the types of images you use, the size of your call to actions or buttons, but most importantly the quality of your copy. Writing copy for your sales page is a task which can really make or break your path to a successful business.

Once you begin to think of your sales page as a journey your customers go through, then it becomes easier to guide them to the direction towards becoming your client You don't have to sit down and write your killer sales page in one day, in fact it might be better to work through it daily, adding more each day adding high-quality sales copy that won't leave your clients at its door. If you aren't too confident with your sales copy, you can always use a resource like copywriting secrets, or outsource your copy using freelancers from upwork or fivver.

The main idea is to position yourself as the answer to their problems, you really have to tap into their pain points and show them a clear path as to how you can solve them. Mapping out a path from A-B in clear persuasive form should be your goal. You can use bullet points, lists, videos, testimonials, be creative in how you persuade and you are sure to land that sale every time.

4. Have a fail-proof strategy.

Nothing is worse than a coach who is uncertain about where their business will be in the next five years or which direction you plan on scaling. In other words, a coach living paycheck to paycheck can't provide as much value as one with a certified blueprint to success already mapped out for themselves.

If your goals right now are to simply 'get the first client' or 'finally reach 5k months' then you, my friend are thinking small. Goals are great within building a business, but longevity is the ultimate key to success.

Having a solid business plan not only means that your clients will travel with clarity through your sales journey but having the paycheck to paycheck jitters will not have to be something you can continue to face.

If financial freedom is your ultimate goal, then moving towards expansive business plans such as masterminds, multiple streams of income using a scalable blueprint not only allow you to connect with your dream clients today, but also allows you to 10X the value of that customer by multiplying the number of people you are able to serve, and also multiplying that monthly paycheck.

Not a bad idea right?

The coaching and service-based business can be complex but also very lucrative if you are aware of the systems today that are working and can possibly help you scale to six figures. Educate yourself on strategy and key trends in the coaching industry,  If you aren't already in the Knowledge-Based Business Blueprint program this is a great starting point for building a coaching business and will help you to fast-track your business to success.

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