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How To Create The Perfect Email

Writing emails to your list can be quite difficult and a long task to do. Usually, this can leave you for hours or even days struggling to find something that will captivate your audience enough to find value. When creating an email you have to make sure that the value within your content is something that will resonate with them. Creating an email just for the sake of creating an email is not going to convert and might even result in a subscriber leaving and turning off your emails for good. Something that you definitely want to avoid when sending an email to your list.

There are a few best practices for sending the perfect emails and also ensuring that you have a great click-through rate also. To make sure you are sending out emails that feed into your audiences attention and persuades them to click through, the tips below should point you in the right direction.

1) Create an enticing subject line.The first step to making sure that your emails are successful is to make sure that they are opened. After all, no one is going to see your perfect email if the email subject line sucks. Don’t just put anything in the subject line but articulate it into something that will entice them to open. Play on their emotions by using subject lines such as ‘especially for you, ‘ or ‘the very best for [Insert name].

Another great tactic to use is to create a sense of urgency, make sure that the subject line reads along the lines of ‘Only a few hours left’ or a ‘limited offer’. These not only increase a general sense of urgency but also help build excitement for your audience.

2. Get personal

Reading emails is such a mundane activity and something quite boring, reading and scrolling through emails can all feel a little robotic. Take your audience by surprise by calling out there name, this not builds a close relationship but it also takes them out of the routine checking to really listen to your message. Software such as Convertkit helps to create emails that are personalised from your subject line to your copy. Implement these and you’re sure to capture your audience’s attention.


3. Get Visual

You should always aim to keep your audience as entertained as possible, whether this is through your copy, your stories or your images. The best way to do this is by using vivid and bright images or even Gifs. These increase your audience’s engagement and also provide a nice break if you are sending a really long email. Don’t be afraid to add in your own images, in fact personal, ‘uncut’ images help to establish trust much faster.

4. Tell a Story

Writing of any kind should engage your reader and make them curious, by drawing on personal anecdotes, results and success stories, your audience is more likely to read your next emails. A great tactic is to also use cliff hangers to build up anticipation and increase the open rates of your future campaigns. 5. A/B Test your Emails.

Sometimes a different subject line and copy convert better to a segment on your list than the other. In order to make sure that you will have continued success, testing different versions of your emails will help you analyse the results and optimize your campaigns for better success.

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