How to Fix A Bad Website

'A bad website is like a flat tyre, you can't go anywhere unless you change it.'

When creating an amazing website to drive a lot of traffic to, you need to ask yourself some questions. The first being, how will my website give value to my reader? Or, how will it make your life better? Most importantly, exactly what is it I am offering and is it clearly communicated on my website?

Website optimization is vital for any online marketing you do. Your website is the collective informational hub for your consumers and also where all of the hard earned traffic you drive will eventually end up. If you want to know if your website is optimized have a look at this blog article I posted on optimization 'Is your website up to scratch?'. This blog post, however, is all about fixing your website and making sure it passes the test for your potential customers.

It all comes down to five basic points, five very vital points that I see a lot of entrepreneurs trip up on when creating their website.


A tagline is one of the best ways to get returning visitors to your website. You must identify within your tagline, who you are and what your core values are. A great tagline is something like Nike's Just Do it, or Mcdonald's 'I'm loving it'.Think about how you want to be best remembered by your customers and staple that on your website. You need to state this clearly and not just with aesthetics as this is what will draw in your ideal customer.

OBVIOUS Call-To-Action:

I have mentioned this before, but I will say it again. This is not just a vague picture with a link where you feel it will be obvious, but an actual sign directing your visitor. For example: Click here, Sign up here, Get this freebie here. Be very simple yet very bold in order to get your visitor where you want them.

Show off a little:

If you have testimonials, slam them on your website, trust me they will want to see them. Visually displaying how your product/service will directly benefit your visitor will go a long way to customer acquisition. This is not the time to be modest as your customer will want to see your success. However, you must make sure this is displayed in an inviting way. Clips, videos and images speak louder than words as you should show them the resolved conflict of your customers after using your services.


Oh, you forgot to check your keyword research, I say oh as this little oopsie could be costing you new business. A new report found that 72% of buyers will turn to google at the beginning of the customer journey, starting with general search terms to explore their options. This means if your not on top of the search engines, a customer dying to find your services will reach out to your competitor. Struggling with SEO? have a look at google keyword planner to search for niche specific words to add to your site.

Clear Communication:

This not only applies to your brand script and how you structure your values, but also the exact journey you want your customers to go through. This means having a flawless landing page and full proof sales funnel. In this, you should include relevant information give value and also maintain their interest. This can take a while to do and so  I highly recommend Clickfunnels if you are not yet an expert at building funnels and you also want to save valuable time.

Of course, there are many other tips I would like to involve but these are the five core elements that I feel could make or break a bad website. Usually, we overlook these and instead focus on getting tonnes traffic instead of building a great website so I highly suggest going back to your website often and checking that these five core elements are in place in order to find success with your website.