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How to get more Followers and attract your ideal client on Twitter

Twitter has always been one of my favourite social media platforms! It has everything an avid blogger and business woman needs in one space. Latest news posts, funniest meme’s, best trending fashion items and most importantly a wonderful community of similar minded people.

Twitter is used by the billions from business owners, bloggers, Youtube influencers, foodies and even pets it has become a household app. In order to find success with this platform you have to find your tribe, establish yourself within it and make connections. If like me you want to establish yourself as a personal brand with high authority there is also a massive opportunity for business as even Gary Vaynerchuck used the platform to land one of his biggest clients.

He used a strategy I am just about to delve into where he uses the metaphor of boxing jab’s (crazy, but it works!).

To find success with Twitter you need to Tweet Often, by that we mean you might need a valet! You can find one here.

Make sure the tweets you provide are on topic, entertaining and provide value to the audience you are trying to reach out to. By this I mean by following the good ole’ 80/20 rule! 80% entertainment 20% promotional content. The two both provide value but in different ways. For example in a tweet where I provide useful content, that was unrelated to by business actually received more engagement that my promotional content.

Another way you can implement the 80/20 rule on twitter is to have 80% of other peoples content and 20% yours. By retweeting other tweets, you won’t be driving the attention away from yourself but, actually giving you the appearance of someone who is more widely knowledgeable, and thus making you an authoritative figure.

Sneaky right? but totally what twitter is all about. Retweet often and you might even get a retweet back from someone more experienced than yourself with a larger fan base who will drive you more traffic!

Read my blog post all about the strategies to Twitter Growth here!

The trick too getting more followers, easily is by using other social media apps, like valet, but maintaining those followers and converting them into clients is slightly trickier. For example back to Gary Vee. He used a less aggressive way of getting his prospects attention.

Instead of messaging him with a copied and pasted inbox, he watched the prospects timeline and waited to find a unique way to connect with him. He did this, by finding common ground which for him was baseball and earned his prospect’s attention gradually, in other words; the jab. The perfect amount is striking three times, with non aggressive, or salesy communication.

The right hook was then the conversion which occurs after several touch points (jabs!) and led to the prospect happily reaching out to Gary Himself. The entire process of the Jab, Jab Right hook is covered in Gary Vee’s Book which you can purchase on Amazon today!

By using these tools, staying within my niche and building a community on twitter I was able to not only find a strategy that works for converting your clients but also allows me to build by followers rapidly and establish my self as a personal brand.

Will I see you on the trending list?

Let me know how you get on.

Bye for now,

Tatiana Mero

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