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How to: Marketing strategy for Twitter​.

Having a professionally branded twitter account is imperative to growing your business and not tackling the twitter platform effectively could hinder your business growth.

Although Twitter itself ranks last as the in terms of being the initial, final or only social media platform touched.based on AOL Platform research (Chart).

Twitter can help you to reach your business goals when used properly it can help you distribute content to lead generation, interact with customers and engage with influencers.

Be Professionally Branded.

Having an effective profile picture, and background that is both effective in appealing to your audience, and representing your business ethos is important. This could mean having a background relating to your sector or niche, something eye-catching yet altogether informative can help your audience click the follow button. Having a link to your website, or blog in your bio can help you make those 160 characters useful.

This also extends to your personal bio, many people aren’t aware but having the right words in your bio increases your traffic. This is especially if you optimize your bio with keywords for SEO. By having your bio optimized for your SEO this increases your chances of appearing in search engine results.

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Cross promote your content.

You should be screaming your twitter handle to the heavens, your facebook, your paid advertising, your email signature even when networking. Hundreds of people won’t just follow you on twitter, to target your audience you have to urge them. You also want to make sure you are attracting the right kind of followers, the fans, the customers and the influencers.

Cross promoting can be from your youtube account, facebook, and Instagram, having a system where your followers can see all of your updates can ensure that your audience is always exposed to the content that you are putting out. Another way of ensuring your audience is seeing all of the content that you put out is by using apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite where you can post on multiple social media platforms.

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Engage to be engaged.

You want to focus your engagement on Twitter as the entire social site is massive, interacting with those in your sector or niche can be made easier by attentive following and creating lists. Many people us the follow unfollow strategy sporadically and end up with a mess of followers who might not be interested in your content. In order to engage effectively, you want to be following thought leaders, influencers or engaged customers.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for networking, it allows you to connect to people who you might not usually get the chance to reach. By networking with them you twitter you might even get a reply or a retweet. Using mentions on Twitter allows the recipient to instantly view your message and if they approve they can also retweet this information to a larger audience.

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Quality content.

One of the key components of Twitter is its value of placing quality over quantity.  The character restriction is purposeful in creating a meaningful message with 140 characters. This creates a push for short and concise tweets. These tweets are short but you can reach more people by incorporating 2-3 hashtags per tweets to grab the right crowd. Twitter recommends that you limit yourself to two hashtags and you focus on keywords that are relevant to your business.

WIth quality content also comes a longer tweet lifespan, especially when your content involves quality visuals. Quality visuals on Twitter have become easier with the introduction of video content, gifs and now the ability to go live. A study was shown by Andrew and Pete shows that a key marketing strategy for Twitter is the video reply, this feature alone allows you to rapidly increase engagement. Also by running polls and asking open-ended questions can prompt your audience to engage with you further.

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Valuable followers.

Some people will debate that having thousands of followers on twitter is the ultimate goal, whilst others believe that having a small following is more valuable than having hundreds of bots of unengaged followers. Whilst it is true that buying followers will initially give your brand prominence and encourage others to follow you on the basis that you are already popular. This can work as people are likely to think ‘well if all of these people are following them, they must be good,‘ and those people might become engaged followers in the future.

It is imperative to have engaged followers on twitter, else you will end up having more of an open prologue with yourself. A study held on Twitter called the  ”Small Business Customer Insights Study” (2016)show that followers feel more positively about your business, help you expand your reach, and increase sales. How can you increase these valuable followers? add your contact list! whether that be email or phone numbers, tap into your existing customer base.

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Implementing these alongside perfect timing, apps such as  Click to TweetDigg Digg, Tweriod and Hootsuite can increase your engagement on Twitter, attract to customers and introduce your followers to your brand.

If you are still struggling to grow your social media shoot us a message in the comments or visit this website https://goo.gl/SEgi5L. It specifically helps you grow your twitter.

All of the tools you need to grow your Twitter audience and engagement! are here.

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