How To Start and Launch A Shopify Store in the next 24 hours

Thinking of starting a Shopify store? Shopify is one of the best income sources to date as it relies on a little amount of prior experience and is pretty easy to scale. If you want to start and grow your own Shopify store, then this blog post will help you get started in all but a few minutes within of your entire day.

Step One: Sign up for Shopify with a free trial.

Shopify is one of the best websites out there for eCommerce simply because they allow you to trial the whole site for up to 90 days, plus they are pretty helpful when it comes to setting up a store. You can get your free trial here.

Of course, there are other types of eCommerce store, but none offer the apps and sales incentives involved with the Shopify software, you can also set up more than one store at the same time if you have a few ideas.

Step Two: Get your domain

Your domain should encompass the intention of your store and what your store is going to sell. The key is to pick a domain that is memorable, easy to type and somehow relates well to your store. For example, Fashion Nova is a name that relates to fashion and is pretty memorable and therefore will garner more visitors.

You can get started with a domain here with site ground, site ground is pretty affordable compared to its competitors plus they offer 24/7 live chat and customer support, which are one of my favourite free features of site ground. You can of course find more on their website.

Step three: Connect your domain to your Shopify store.

Now that you are all set up with Siteground, the next step is assigning your domain to your Shopify store. If you don’t do this your site will end up with a Shopify domain which won’t look very professional and might chase your first customers away. To set this up you need to go to your online store tabs, set up domains and follow this guide for getting your site connected.

Step Four: Set up Payment Options

To get started and to start accepting payments you need to set up your payments. The main methods for payments on Shopify are Shopify payments, which pay you directly to your debit account, or Paypal. Paypal is usually more trusted by consumers purchasing from merchants but its completely up to you. Options also include Applepay, and other transactional methods if you live outside of the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

Step five: Set up your theme

There are many different themes for you to choose from on Shopify and you can pretty much get loads of inspiration from many other stores. Many stores operate on Shopify already such as Kylie Cosmetics, Gym shark and Colour Pop so you can get plenty of inspiration from there.

This is also the chance for you to get really creative, if you have product images already or even better, be sure to show those off as consumers love seeing this on the front screen. This is also a good chance to start thinking about your logo, you can create your own via Canva or hire an expert on Fivver.

Now aside from your products you are pretty much ready to launch your store!!

If you do need any extra help, as a Shopify partner I am offering free store support with anyone who is launching a store using my link. This will include a support call covering setup, business planning and marketing.