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How to take Instagram Pictures like a pro

As a visual platform, getting your brand noticed on Instagram comes down to having a visually pleasing aesthetic. Instagram is one of the only platforms where your brand’s popularity is based on the quality of your images and its use of visual cues solely. This works especially well for brands in the food industry, Instagram travellers and retail stores. However, If your brand is not equipped with ready to go viral content this can be tricky

Content that goes viral on Instagram is usually deemed as ‘insta-worthy’ this is because of the high expectations set out by content creators on the platform. Content creators or influencers spend a lot of money on high-quality camera’s, editing software and conducting expensive photoshoots.

Clever brands and influencers without these resources have figured a way to fake it till you make it.  The important take away from Instagram is that not everything is as it seems. The use of filters and the right editing apps can have your brand creating daily instaworthy content that will get traffic.

Filters and apps make all the difference on Instagram and it is no wonder influencers sell their filter pre-sets to their consumers and are able to make a profit doing so. Instagram success usually comes down to having a consistent feed. Using the same filter on your profile will contribute massively to having engaging profile users will want to engage with.

Want to create you own Instaworthy pictures? Have a look at the top filters used by big brands and influencers you can try out today.


Lightroom is a cloud-based photo service that allows you to create personalized filters, colour presets and extensive editing features. A new Instagram update now allows you to synchronize your presets both custom created or bought, along with your profile straight to your iPhone, Android or Mac.  This also allows you to update your changes as it syncs to the adobe creative cloud on the go


VSCO cam is essential to anyone just getting started with Instagram. The filters create distinctive moods in your images which can be uploaded straight to Instagram. With the best range of free filters, VSCO Cam is the best for editing and creating stand out pictures for a beginner. To create the perfect look VSCO allows you to purchase your own package of filters from their collection. These packaged of filters are usually similar and can help contribute to a great Instagram aesthetic.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 13.05.01.png


Instasize has filters similar to VSCO, however, it is the additional tools that really stand out. This includes the LUXE feature, this feature transforms an image from a basic brand to a professional and luxurious one. This is perfect for a brand that positions themselves as luxurious as the use of shadows mimics luxurious components typical within brand ideals. This app also has the ability to provide a feed preview to help you build a dynamic feed aesthetic.


Preview is perfect for creating a coherent well-aligned feed.  The filters you can select from this app are not as extensive as the other apps mentioned, the best feature that contributes to a professional feed is in the name. This app allows you to plan your feed for success before you upload your images. Placement can be everything on Instagram and certain positionings work better than others. Try out this app free from the app store and start visual planning your content.


Have you ever seen those really enchanting grainy filters and wondered how they create beautiful vintage looking pictures? A great vintage app is usually behind this. Mextures is one of the best ones as they have a wide variety of vintage effects. This app creates grainy pictures that look like they just fell out of a polaroid from the 1950’s. This is perfect for brands who use vintage features for their brandings as it can transform an image instantly. This is predominantly used by brands as barbers, hairdressers and Ale brands.

These are just a few favourites, there are plenty of filters and apps out there and the ones on directly on the Instagram app are also worth a try. In fact, a statistic once announced Mayfair as the most popular filter on Instagram for Marketing and Business images. So if you are looking for a way to make money on Instagram I suggest trying these filters then try getting paid on social media. My favourite site for this is remote workers.  Overall, The best way to approach Instagram and social media marketing as a whole is to try and test consistently until you find what works best for you and your brand.

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