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Is Virtual reality the new edge your Marketing Strategy needs?

What began as a strange yet fun feature to snapchat initially designed to capture the wild imaginations of younger generations has now become a norm if not a sharp edge to marketing strategies this year. The virtual reality industry has captured the eyes of ‘Facebook will undoubtedly be joined by other major VR players, such as Google, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, and Sony, all of whom will look to marry the single-user experience to the social experience, and drive the industry towards fulfilling its $30bn revenue forecast by the year 2020.’

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The technology is still a little rough around the edges, and certainly far from delivering what Facebook calls ‘social presence’, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

In the world of social media, it was snapchat who first took this step. Snapchat’s curated virtual self along allows an individual to take on numerous personas using filters.

This has now become a staple in the customer-focused digital world. The filters include the infamous dog filter to the dancing situational hot dog. The feature has proved to be effective in capturing an audience’s imagination and attention and it has since been implemented in the Instagram app among others. This has also caught the attention of many brands such as Taco Bell who curated a branded taco filter to advertise their restaurant during Cinco de Mayo. The filter in return was viewed 224 million times which is impressive for one campaign.   Advertisements with snapchat however, are not for the faint-hearted or often budget-friendly for small businesses. The campaign cost a total of $750,000. The cost for one sponsored filter is not only expensive but is also very short lived however it did increase their sales.

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Another way of implementing Virtual reality with social media is done cleverly with brands like Ikea and Mcdonals who have taken the ideology behind virtual reality and have successfully implemented this to improve customer experience as a whole

This is done as Ikea’s virtual shopping application allows you to see how an individual object would look if it were virtually placed in your home via the app. This exciting feature Improves the customer experience by capturing their imagination and making the sales process exciting.  Implementing virtual reality into your strategy is a key marketing trend that is cohesive with the rise of social media and AI. You can get started using virtual reality with your brand using filters. If your brand is already connected on snapchat a great cost-effective way to do this is by using features such as Geotagging for events, special promotions and if your feeling ballsy, apply to create a branded filter and watch virtual reality skyrocket your business and sales.

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