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Mindset Hack : Minimalism

They say less is more and when it comes to adopting a winning mentality this is definitely true. Having a lot of toxic junk whether physical or emotional can build up and lead to a lot of stress which can make you completely unfocused!

Having watched a TED talk dubbed, ‘Art of Letting Go’ by The Minimalists, I became familiar with the concept of minimalism. This was especially as the speaker spoke of hoarding. For him, this was his late mother’s accumulated collection of memorabilia which no longer gave value to him but was kept purely for the purpose of memory.

Are you a culprit?

You can find the rest of the video on here, The main message behind this was that memories are carried with people, not things! This really changed the way I viewed my working space and the number of necessary items not only on my desk but in my home and life!

So with that in mind, I decided to take the first step into minimalism and declutter! I knew that there were way too many items and people in my life that were no longer serving me and the person I was trying to be. So should you wish to join me, I have outlined a list of things you can begin to declutter your life right now.

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Emotionally I racked my brains trying to find items and my mind surprising fell to the internal. What people did I have in my life that was full of negativity? What thoughts were in my mind that was stopping me from reaching the happiness within me? This is when I learned my limiting beliefs, certain thoughts and doubt I planted myself were stopping from being where I wanted to be. Telling my self I am not good enough, might have been okay so swimming triathlon when I couldn’t swim but not when I was trying to build a successful business.


As a massive book nerd and English grad, I knew I had way too many books! The transition from fiction to non-fiction took me by such surprise that I was left with all this junk of books I had already read Twice  keeping them in my room was not going to serve any more and giving them away to a charity or a friend who can enjoy it whilst I read the new Tony Robbins book will.


I know I have a strong pile of clothes and shoes which I have held on to for years and always meant to repair. The sad truth is, many years have passed and they are still broken, taking up space as well as building frustration. This can easily be applied to old projects you know you won’t finish if you are like me and you are always leaving things half finished or undone; if a year has passed and something else has fueled your energy it is best to press delete on that google doc.

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They do say that fashion goes around and trends keep coming back, but this may not always be true. You change over time, your style develops and a tie-dye maxi skirt you bought for a festival, might not be an item you are going to wear five years later. At least not for me. I  will be selling all of my risque items with the knowledge that some risky sixth former going to a festival somewhere might get better use of it instead of tucking it away in a corner. Same goes for that 3D Tv set!


This is especially true if you are hoarding emotions or bottling up feelings that cause you stress or disharmony. ‘The Art Of Letting Go’, along with minimalism, I feel this also relates to letting go of any negativity, starving it and feeding the positive instead. A good way to do this to either start journaling daily those things that brings you joy and what you are grateful for or try some yoga. The breathing techniques in yoga enable you to release tensions and negative that could be clogging up your mind.

This is the list that I  have come up with so far, I will be implementing these across the year and hopefully become a full minimalist. I have also added a 30 days of minimalism guide from Pinterest which I found really helpful. You can see the rest of the full breakdown on lifeasyoukknowit.

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That’s it for now. Catch you on the next one!

Tatiana mero

P.S: Have you heard that great song by Charlie Cunningham called minimum? it’s a great de-stressing song that you can listen to and fuel your new minimalist lifestyle.

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