Never let your campaigns write cheques that your website can't cash.

Whenever conducting marketing audits for companies or looking over marketing strategy the first thing I check is the website and it should be the first thing you check too. A bad website can make or break what could be your next biggest breakthrough.

The fixation we have on traffic can not overcome the need to have an optimised website that is ready to guide a visitor through the sales funnel. You can not afford to lose your audience where you need their attention the most, at the time of the conversion.

I always say and believe that it is best to focus on the quality of the sales process on your website than how pretty it all looks together. You need establish right from the get go, where your audience should go, where their attention should be and how they can reach their goal in the easiest and most simplest way possible.

These days with bad and terrible loading websites, non playing videos and clunky off putting websites, I know if I land on a bad website, I will not be invested in the offer and I will most probably leave.

Now wouldn’t that be a terrible misfortune? No amount of exit pop ups, or last minute retargeting can override a bad first impression. First impressions are everlasting and you only have a few and limited amount of minutes to really make them count.

Before you set out to hire a design team, a photographer or even a web designer, the first thing you should be thinking of is the end goal. How can I simplify the conversion process, is there a way of doing this than what’s already been done?

It’s funny how when you think about it, some of the best marketers I’ve come across and their landing pages have been anything BUT the really glossy expensive looking websites, they didn’t make me wonder who the designer was or how I can get that gorgeous calligraphy, in fact what I was thinking was how can I get what I want even quicker.

I wanted to give them my information or whatever else they wanted because I saw immediately the three most important elements of a good website.

I saw:

1) they clearly understood my pain point

2) they had valuable information that needed to get with the right offer

3)The call to action was simple, without all the faff

Implementing these are much simpler than you think, in fact, you don’t even a website at all, with a great landing page software like Clickfunnels you will be able to create a funnel that outperforms once all the right tools are activated.

I truly believe that it takes one good funnel to get zero to multiple figures. Once you have a flawless and scalable funnel you can send traffic to, repeating the process can easily make you successful. This is why I contribute to and participate in challenges like one funnel away challenge every year because I know what the power of one good funnel can have on your business.

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