Six ways to improve each stage of the Sales Funnel

There are many different ways of finding out what works best for your business. Testing, implementing and analysing results is the best way to start.

Top of the funnel tactics:


Facebooks ability to locate your ideal customer and prospects and keep your brand at the front of their mind is the ultimate way to start converting cold leads.

The best way this is done is through custom audiences. Through Facebooks data and algorithm you can locate your customer through a wide variation of targeting techniques. For example, if you run a coaching business, targeting women who are fans of Marie Forleo aged between 30-40 years old and earn over a certain income, Facebook can put your content and website directly into their space.

This is 10x more effective than other methods as Facebook not only tracks your audience’s activity but, also pins them down with launching targeted ads. 

Another great way this works is through creating lookalike audiences, I love this feature as, if you already have an email list, you can upload your list directly onto the Facebook Ad Manager, after uploading it to facebook, Facebook can find people who are just like the audience who have already subscribed to your list, meaning that they are even more likely to buy your product.

Most people shy away from Facebook ads as they find them complicated and this is due mostly to two main factors:

One, is that they are not doing their targeting correctly, (which can be complicated due to Facebook's ever-changing algorithm and constant updates to the ads manager) and two, that it is also due to not leading with value with the campaign.

As your audience is at the top of the funnel, this is your coldest audience, you want them to be convinced of your authority and value right from the start to easily convert them. Which is why when doing a Facebook ad. Quality content usually wins. You want your audience to feel like they discovered you, and to feel like you already understand their current problem. Once they can perceive this value, they are more likely to move further down your funnel.

Alternatively, if you aren’t so groovy with starting with paid ads, great ways to convert a cold audience on Facebook is through hosting a Facebook group. Facebook groups are a great way to connect with an audience and communicate your value.

Setting one up the right way can be tricky, you must ensure that the audience you are drawing into your group will be as close to your target audience as possible. This can be done through looking through other Facebook groups you know they will hang out and providing some value there.

This is effective as the current Facebook algorithm currently favours Facebook groups, and a post within your group is more likely to be viewed than the posts on your actual Facebook page.

If you aren’t aware already, only a small percentage of your Facebook page followers will see your post, this is as Facebook prefers its users to boost their posts and use their ads as much as possible.

*Actionable step: Set up a list of Facebook groups you and your target audience are in and request to join. You might be asked to fill in a few details and abide by the group rules

Once you gain access, analyse all of the posts noting down key questions, key issues and where the interest of your audience is. Write them down, and start creating content about those issues to then push out onto the group. Not only will this allow you to gain traffic, but it can also get you some good momentum for when you start growing your group!

Middle of the Funnel:

The middle of the funnel is often one of the most crucial steps of the sales funnel, this not only creates the bridge between cold leads and purchasing companies, but it also defines the relationship for you and your audience. 

The key to the middle of the funnel is nurturing, you have to create a meaningful relationships with your audience that does not just place your audience as a walking credit card.

The most effective way to create a nurturing relationship and also the easiest way is through an automated nurturing system You can commit to spending time speaking to your audience one to one as an onboarding system to build rapport and trust, or you can automate the entire interaction through email marketing

Through the use of newsletters, sending meaningful messages and the reinforcement of value, your audience will not only feel comfortable buying your products but they will look forward to hearing from your brand. 

An email provider like Aweber, allows you to stay in constant communication with your audience, it has worked amazingly for me over the years and allows me to keep a personal relationship with my audience that isn’t salesy and at times offers a two-way conversation.

You can use email marketing to promote gated content, useful videos or Facebook lives that you know your audience will love. The main focus is to ensure that what you send is of direct interest to your audience and you have segmented appropriately to ensure you have a healthy list.

Bottom of the Funnel:

The bottom of the funnel activities should be made to start handling your customer's objections and doubts. Here you will need to understand your customer enough to know why they might not want to invest in your product or service and to reassure them of the decision to purchase.

Most common objectives usually involve price, meaningfulness and whether they trust that what you are promoting will truly answer their current problems.

This is the time to start boosting your marketing tactics with case studies and reviews. These enable your audience to really see if what you are selling really works. You can use past case studies, collect testimonials or share some authority building reviews from past customers and clients.

The truth is, most people want your product or service but they don’t want to be the first, as humans we usually and naturally like following the crowd. If someone else who runs the same business as I do and gets amazing results with your product, there is no doubt I would believe that the product will be of value to me.

This along with complete clarity, specifically around pricing and pricing variables will be able to ensure that your audience is more likely to buy your product and filter through as a loyal customer.