Why you don't need a large following to have a successful online business

When setting out to build your widely successful online business, so many things can hold us back, in this world in the land of social media, email lists, podcasts and follows the bar is set pretty high. The big names, Tony Robbins, Alex Becker, Lewis Howes, Seth Godin, and all the others all have this large sticky label of influence that is both inspiring and intimidating. You think, 'wow this person is so amazing, and at the same time, 'I could never get a million followers like them,' and then limiting beliefs set in and we might think, 'I could never be as successful as them'

A huge halo is cast on the big names in entrepreneurship and business that it forms a massive barrier to actually getting started and putting in the hard work. One thing that always seems to escape us, is that they all started somewhere. They didn't just start out with a massive following on Instagram or thousands of Facebook fans, in fact, they started before all of this, BEFORE actual social media.

Crazy right?!

Getting started and being successful means looking past the shiny object syndrome, looking past what is currently in the limelight and getting into the strategy behind it all.

Sure social ROI is great, but if you think about it Instagram, Pinterest and all the others are pretty new to this old age game of entrepreneurship. If we focus too much on social media, by the time we get to the millions of followers, all the focus will be on the new shiny object, the new app, the new social ROI.

So, do you think social media and having a massive following is important to growing a successful business?

What it all comes down to, when it comes to creating a business that is determined for success, it is all about strategy. It is all about how you get there, knowing what to say, having the right offer and knowing your audience.

Of course, social media plays a large part in all of this, but it just tackles one small aspect of online success that if you focus on it too much, you start to lose the whole game. Social media is a tool that you use to reach your overall end game.

The trick is to get inside the strategy of how it all worked, if you look closer, all the experts, millionaires, and thought leaders have one thing in common. They knew the secret to success and it didn't lie in creating as much influence as they can.

I discovered all of this and more inside this book I have been reading that has transformed the way I look at business and entrepreneurship. The trick is to read as much as you can, discover what the strategy is behind the success and to emulate it.

Literally, one person saw another entrepreneur doing something well and they decided to emulate it, step by step until they saw the same success. If you want in, Russell Brunson currently has a free e-book all about expert secrets which I have found invaluable.

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Otherwise, the biggest take away I have for you is to start researching further into strategy, look beyond the followers of the people you most admire and get into their lists, look at their offers, find out how they started and emulate their work as best as you can.

I hope you enjoyed this one, make sure you share this with anyone who needs to see this.

Thanks for reading!