1:1 Coaching


Level up and scale your business!

Work with me for three months as we delve deep into scaling your business, levelling up and tapping into powerful mindset coaching that gets to you financial freedom.


Are you ready for a transformation?


Visibility is not just about getting your brand seen by the most people, it’s about making a powerful connection.  

Inspiring, empowering and aligning yourself to create success.


 You have a passion business that you are desperate to grow into success but you don’t know the right systems to get there.


Do you find yourself stuck for leads, unsure of how to scale your brand and struggling to keep your head above water?


Systems that don't work can lead you to be lost and full of doubt. Systems that do work, teach you how to find consistent results. 

About Tatiana

Tatiana has been helping entrepreneurs and coaches grow their influence online using visibility and mindset coaching. With a Masters degree in Digital Marketing and brand story expertise, Tatiana has been able to generate amazing results for her clients.

'With Tatiana I was able to double my audience, master social media and have clients reach out to me as a result of her visibility strategy" Dora

"I came to Tatiana with zero confidence in myself and my business, I was stuck and going through a huge burnout, after working with her on mindset I was finally able to land my first high ticket client."




What's included? 

12 weeks of transformational and powerful strategies and systems.


Week 1: Get empowered!

What’s holding you back from power? Regain control with a power reboot   


Week 2. Align your brand with a proven brand strategy.

This focuses on you and your personal brand, where you stand, your values and how to gain authority.  


Week 3: Empower your influence.

Find your power tribe and love them hard! This is all about finding your target market and identifying how you serve them.  


Week 4. Your powerful package.

Package up your super power service and get ready to go pro!

Create your freedom lifestyle. This is all about organising your business and your lifestyle to work for you an unstoppable social media strategy that asserts your authority and builds your personal brand.



Week 5: Your powerful presence.

Week six we get super visible, create an unstoppable social media strategy that asserts your authority, creates consistent traffic and get you fresh leads from the get-go!


Week 6. Get your power team.

Work on your business and not in it. We outline how to outsource and create a powerful team to help you grow your business.  


Week 7: Automation like a rockstar!

This is where the real freedoms come in, don’t be a Robot; get the robot! 


 Week 8: Nurture your audience, build your audience and creating lasting powerful relationships with emails and Facebook messaging conversations!


Week 9: The powerful sales system.

Create a sales plan and smash your income goals and gain new buyers! learn the secret to converting crazy clients! 


Week 10: The six-figure mindset. Get into the mode of selling ticket offers, empower your sales system and become a premium!


Week 11: Your passive income. Add to your income bucket by earning extra from prepackaged offers and sales pages.  


Week 12. Your powerful launch. Pop the champagne bottle and get ready to celebrate! Your Biz is ready to go! 


What to expect? One-to-One Training, workbooks,  Unlimited Voxer to me 24/7, social media audits and powerful bonus mind-shift training.










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